About Us

Butler Financial Assets LLC

Butler Financial Assets LLC is a note buying company located in Killeen, Texas.  We work with private investors, hedge funds, and national companies to buy distressed notes (1st and 2nd Lien Single Family Residence) here in Texas and nationwide. Also, we work with the borrower to try and create a win win solution to help the borrower to stay in the house. We employ a large number of exit strategies that will best suit the asset and situation.

We also purchase performing notes for investors who wish to build out a portfolio of assets that pay on a monthly basis without going through the challenges of helping get a distressed note to performing status.

Butler Financial Assets LLC

We Handle The Details
Our highly experienced team has a streamlined process to complete appraisals and all underwriting with minimal time and effort from you.
We cover all the costs!
In as little as 30 days we can close the transaction and get you paid
You receive a lump sum payment for the mortgage note.
Transition is seamless to the property owner.

Our experience with NPN (non-performing note) purchases, foreclosures, buying, fixing, and selling houses, as well as bulk REO and enables us to close even the toughest deals that are often declined by other investors.

If you are a private note holder and interested in selling your mortgage note for cash now, we need to talk! Complete a Quote Request form to get started, or call us at 254-300-6867.